Nurses Who Protected Newborns During 6.1-Magnitude Taiwan Earthquake Win Netizens' Hearts

The heroic act was caught on CCTV.

Cover image via 爆料公社5.0/YouTube

A 6.1-magnitude earthquake rocked Hualien city, Taiwan yesterday, 18 April

According to Channel NewsAsia, Taiwan Central Weather Bureau revealed that the quake shook buildings and halted subway services in the capital Taipei. 

17 people were injured during the quake – the largest one to hit the island in 2019.

Following the tragedy, a video of three nurses attempting to protect newborns during the quake has gone viral

Image via Sin Chew Daily

Sin Chew Daily reported that nurses from a confinement retreat house in Xizhi district were seen rushing to secure the bassinets during the quake. 

They were also seen carrying and comforting the newborns in the bassinets.

The CCTV footage, which was uploaded onto YouTube yesterday, has garnered over 310,000 views at the time of writing. 

The women have since been hailed as heroes by netizens, who labeled them as "angels"

"All praise and respect to the selfless angels who protected the newborns as if they were their own," one netizen said, according to Sin Chew Daily. 

A mother also expressed her gratitude towards the women for their bravery. 

"As a mother, thank you to all the nurses, this is too touching!" she said. 

Watch the heroic nurses in action here:

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