Only B40 Households In Selangor Will Enjoy Free Water Supply Next Year

The benefit was previously enjoyed by all Selangor households.

Cover image via Yusof Mat Isa for Malay Mail/New Straits Times (edited by SAYS)

Selangor Mentri Besar Amirudin Shari announced yesterday, 4 December, that B40 households will enjoy an increase in free water supply next year

Selangor Mentri Besar Amirudin Shari.

Image via Bernama/Malay Mail

Amirudin made the announcement during the Selangor State Assembly sitting yesterday, reported Malay Mail.

The amount of free water supply will be increased from the current 20 cubic metres cap to 25 cubic metres.

However, only B40 households will be able to enjoy the benefit from next year onwards

The benefit was previously enjoyed by all households in Selangor since its implementation in 2008.

Now, only households within the B40 income group who are registered with the E-Kasih programme will enjoy the benefit, reported Free Malaysia Today.

According to Bernama, Amirudin said, "From the data we get, the average rate of water consumption per household in the state is about 25 to 26 cubic meters per month.

"So with the 25 cubic meters of free water that we will give from next year to the B40 group, it is quite likely that they would not have to pay for their (monthly) water bills."

The new mechanism may only happen from March or April onwards

Amirudin said that the government would need time to prepare the right mechanism to regulate the initiative.

"This is the thing that needs to be finalised. I admit that the implementation would not be possible in January," he said, reported Malay Mail.

"I believe it is likely to be done in March or April next year at the earliest as we have to prepare (for it)."

The issue will be brought up again in the March sitting of the State Assembly.

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