M'sian Marketing Manager Made False Police Reports So He Could Buy A New iPhone Every Year

Reports dated back as far as 2013.

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A Malaysian marketing manager was recently arrested for constantly making false police reports claiming that his iPhone was stolen so he could claim insurance fees

Free Malaysia Today (FMT) reported that the 34-year-old from Bukit Mertajam would sell the "lost" phone online and then make reports that his iPhone was stolen or missing.

He would then use the insurance money to buy a new iPhone.

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Image via Thomas Peter/Reuters

In the most recent case, the man claimed that his iPhone XS Max, iPad Pro, and Macbook Pro were stolen by two men on a motorcycle outside of his mother-in-law's house on Saturday, 24 November

However, when police checked his background, they found out that all of his prior police reports showed a similar pattern.

"Every report showed [that] he had lost an iPhone," said Central Seberang Perai police chief Nik Ros Nik Abdul Hamid, reported FMT on Tuesday, 27 November.

These are the man's things that were reportedly "stolen".

Image via New Straits Times

The man had been pulling off this scam for the past five years, as reports dated back as far as 2013

After further interrogation, the man admitted that he had been selling iPhones and Macbooks on the popular forum Lowyat.NET.

Nik Ros revealed that the police went to the man's mother-in-law's house in Bukit Mertajam and found the Macbook Pro, which he had initially reported stolen.

The man later confessed that he had sold his iPhone for RM5,000 and his MacBook for RM6,000 online.

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Meanwhile, this woman broke into a stranger's house claiming that she needed to "charge her phone":

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