Cakes Without The Halal Logo Will Not Be Allowed In McD's

"It is important for all customers to follow this rule without any exceptions, because it affect the halal status of the McDonald's restaurants in Malaysia."

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Planning to celebrate your kid's birthday at McDonald's? Make sure the cake is halal.

McDonald's Malaysia released a statement yesterday saying that only certified halal cakes are allowed inside its restaurants nationwide.

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Confirming the statement to local media channels, McDonald's Malaysia said that this is in line with the guidelines issued by the Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) for halal certification.

"As a company that offers only halal-certified products, we implement a 'no outside food policy' to ensure that all products served and consumed at our restaurants are halal," read the statement to Free Malaysia Today (FMT), yesterday, 29 December.

"In the case of 'birthday parties' at McDonald’s, we have made an exception to allow customers to bring in their own birthday cakes as part of their celebration, provided that the cakes are certified halal."

The fast food restaurant chain added that this new ruling is also important as they strive to live up to the integrity of their halal certification by complying to JAKIM's standards.

Clarification on this matter came shortly after a photo of the notice stating that only halal cakes are allowed into McDonald's Malaysia popped up on the Internet yesterday, 29 December

Titled, 'Polisi Halal' (Halal Policy), the notice spotted at one of the McDonald's restaurant here, stated that they would only allow cakes that are JAKIM certified and has the halal logo.

"It is important for all customers to follow this rule without any expectation, because it affect the halal status of the McDonald's restaurants in Malaysia," read the note.

Speaking about McDonald's new ruling to FMT, JAKIM's halal hub Division Director Dr Sirajuddin Suhaimee said that it's important to ensure that food does not get mixed up and doubts are not raised about the halal status of the fast food restaurants

"The food that enters halal-certified premises must also be halal."

"In the matter of birthday celebrations at McDonald’s, for example, the customer must first get in touch with the management, whose responsibility is to make sure (the guidelines are understood and followed)," explained Dr Sirajuddin.

Note that non-Muslims must also comply to this new guideline.

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