13 Memes Malaysians Shared When Things Went A Little Crazy In 2016

Malaysians are a funny bunch!

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1. Early in the year, when a single satirical sketch of PM Najib Razak snowballed into a series of 'clown-faced' posters of the prime minister all over the Internet

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2. Soon, "clown-faced Najib" stickers started appearing at random places in Klang Valley, taking the meme-fication of protest against PM Najib offline

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3. When AG Apandi cleared PM Najib of 1MDB charges, Malaysians took comfort in these hugely popular memes

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4. When Malaysians tried to speculate who MO1 is and had a field day with the #MalaysianOfficial1 hashtag on Twitter

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5. When a call of support for PM Najib Razak inspired Malaysians to troll the heck out of #RespectMyPM hashtag

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6. When the news about the mass import of 1.5 million Bangladeshi workers broke out and Malaysians created their own memes

7. During the month of June-July this year, over a dozen shooting cases made us feel like our streets have turned into GTA

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8. When a runaway ostrich, named Chickaboo, exploded over social media and everyone wanted a piece of the virality

Chickaboo fever was so high that, 5 days after a guy wearing a life-sized chicken costume ran down the busy Federal Highway.

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9. When the Pokรฉmon GO craze was in full swing

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10. When our LRT situation got scarier than zombie movies:

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11. When people started noticing this 'Shell girl'

12. When Red Shirts leader Jamal Yunos put on his towel and trended on social media in funny Photoshopped memes...

13. ...because water cuts went on and on :(

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Did we miss any? Which was your favourite meme of the year? Comment below to let us know.

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