From Durian Cendol To Japanese Cheese Tarts, These Are The Top Viral Food Trends Of 2016

It was a very indulgent year for the Malaysian food scene.

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From super-sized food to wacky combos, 2016 was certainly an indulgent year for the creative eats your friends posted photos of in social media. Without further ado, here are this year's top viral food trends:

1. Cheese definitely headed the pack in 2016. From high-end restaurants to street food vendors, cheese of all shapes and sizes was utilised to create some pretty sinful fare that made your say, "F*** my diet!"

Double cheese croissant from Taiyakie @ SS15.

Image via Instagram @mynjayz

Korean BBQ provided gooey cheese dips to dip grilled meats into and restaurants scraped melted cheese tight off the top of a cheese wheel onto dishes. Meanwhile, street food kiosks went crazy with their cheese combos that include pisang goreng cheese, cheese-filled croissants, murtabak stuffed with cheese, and much more.

2. Not forgetting the half-baked Japanese cheese tarts with their flaky crusts and ooey, gooey filling. Mmm...!

Cheese tart from Tokyo Secret.

Image via Instagram @hweisan

Specialty stores like Tokyo Secret and Hokkaido Cheese Tart have even came up with alternate flavours like chocolate, matcha, and hazelnut to keep the queues coming. Not only that, Malaysians actually lined up hours before Pablo Cheesetart opened its doors despite its cheese tart costing RM45.90 per pop.

3. Cafes have always been a hit with Malaysian foodies, but dessert cafes were particularly popular this year, especially those offering petite pastries and waffle + ice cream combos

Adorable cakes from Tiny Temptress @ Sri Petaling.

Image via Instagram @pototanicolee

Unlike hipster cafes, dessert cafes typically don't offer heavy savoury meals.

4. People lined up for hours when a stall in Shah Alam served durian cendol with actual durian flesh instead of durian puree

Durian cendol from Rojak Cendol Shah Alam.

Image via Rojak Cendol Shah Alam Facebook

5. Who can forget the jaw-dropping moment when you saw these gigantic Ais Batu Campur (ABC) concoctions going viral on Facebook?

Giant ABC from Restoran Pondok Pantai @ Tanjung Aru Beach, Sabah.

Image via D'Jesselton Sabah

We wonder if anyone has ever finished it by themselves...?

7. All the way from Korea, fish-shaped waffle cones were the only cool way to eat ice cream early this year

Froyo in taiyaki from Cafe Aboong @ SS15.

Image via Instagram @jazelynnloo

8. On a healthier spectrum, smoothie bowls popular with the ang mohs finally made its way to Malaysia, to the delight of health nuts everywhere

Smoothie bowls.

Image via Instagram @funfreshandhealthy

What is your favourite food trend of 2016? Let us know in the comments section below!

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