Fire In Labuan Destroys 300 Houses, Leaving More Than 1,800 People Homeless

"It happened so fast and within minutes, the houses were engulfed," said a witness.

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On the afternoon of 27 May, massive fire in one of the villages in Labuan destroyed over 300 houses, leaving more than 1,800 people homeless in Kampung Gersik Saguking. According to a report in the Borneo Post, the fire broke out at about 5.45pm, as most of the villagers were just returning from work.

The fire at Kampung Gersik Saguking, Labuan.

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Labuan Fire and Rescue Public Safety officer Ahmad Azmer said three engines from three stations with more than 30 firemen rushed to the scene after receiving a distress call at 5.55pm

“The area is mostly populated by IMM13 (refugee status) holders, plus a few locals. Initial investigations revealed the fire started from one of the kitchens in the area,” he said, when contacted by The Rakyat Post.

Two people were reported injured, including a fireman. Both of them have been taken to hospital, according to the Rakyat Post.

Investigations will be carried out to determine the cause of fire and the losses incurred, the spokesman said. The water village is by a majority of immigrants who work on the island as well as a small number of locals.

According to statements given by Ahmad Azmer to Astro AWANI, all the houses were completely gutted, and the department was investigating the cause of the fire and losses incurred

"We managed to put out the blaze after half an hour and control the fire from spreading," he said.

"We saw the victims were trying to salvage their belongings but some of them were left with only the clothes on their back. It happened so fast and within minutes, the houses were engulfed," said a witness.

Gersik Saguking water village raged in fire.

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