Over 30 People Were Allegedly Caught Naked At A Bentong Team-Building Camp

They were employees of a beauty company based in Johor.

Cover image via Cari

Over 30 employees of a local beauty company were arrested earlier today, 20 March, for allegedly stripping naked during a team-building activity in Pahang

The suspects being brought to Bentong police station.

Image via China Press

Sin Chew Daily reported Bentong district police chief Supt Yusuf Unis as saying that a police report was lodged by Bukit Tinggi residents yesterday, 19 March, after they witnessed the employees stripping naked for a team-building activity.

The employees reportedly work for a beauty company based in Johor. 30 women and four men, aged between 20 and 32, were arrested. 

Despite being caught naked by witnesses, the beauty company reportedly denied the allegations and threatened to sue them

Image via Cari

Cari reported that witnesses have called out the beauty company for threatening to sue them after claiming that the photos were falsified. 

"Now the police wants to talk to us because the company claimed that our photos are fake, so now they want to find out who took the photos," one local resident told Cari.

"A woman, who looked like the person in charge, even denied that the girls were stripping naked," she added.

The beauty company previously announced on Facebook that a company-wide team-building camp was to take place in Bentong

Entrance to the resort in Bentong, Pahang.

Image via China Press

According to China Press, the team-building camp was scheduled to take place from 18 to 20 March. 

The beauty company purportedly organises such annual camps to improve relations between current and new employees. 

The case is being investigated under Section 294(a) of the Penal Code for performing obscene acts in public

A team lead of the company has also been detained under Section 109 of the Penal Code for instigating the incident. 

Meanwhile, Bilut assemblyman Lee Chin Chen expressed disappointment in the beauty company as the incident caused inconvenience and disturbance to Bukit Tinggi residents. 

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