Oyen Who Was Rescued From Elmina Plane Crash Has Now Died

Rest in peace, Oyen.

Cover image via @zulerwan (Instagram)

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A ginger cat that went viral after it was rescued from the Elmina air crash site on 17 August has now died

Four ambulance crew members of the Ministry of Health (MOH) rescued the cat from ground zero of the tragic crash and sent it to Zul Erwancat Veterinary Clinic for treatment.

Colloquially called 'Oyen', the ginger cat passed away last night, 27 August.

According to veterinarian Dr Zul Erwan Azmi, the cat was found positive for the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), which attacks the immune system and is among the most common diseases in cats.

According to the vet, there were also complications from the wound located in the spinal cord that caused the infection to spread rapidly

"Oyen became weak and we administered the best treatment we could give, but sadly, the Oyen did not make it," he said in the Instagram post while expressing his gratitude for everyone who prayed for Oyen.

Dr Zul also shared the names of those who rescued the Oyen, identifying them as Mohd Azwa Mohd Zain, Arlyia, Richie Bobby Bujang, and Tommy Leo Rahsak.

One of them, Richie, commented on the post to express his grief.

"Rest in peace, buddy. Gonna miss you, Oyen. Special thanks to Dr Zul and the team who have done their best. It means a lot to Oyen," read Richie's comment.

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