Parents Criticised For Changing Baby's Milk Formula To Boycott Israel-Linked Products

"Don't switch the formula if it can harm the child," commented one user.

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A Malaysian couple who changed their child's milk formula to boycott Israeli-linked products were criticised on social media recently

The controversy came to light after a screenshot of a Facebook post by the mother, in which she sought recommendations for an alternative to her child's milk formula, was reposted on X, according to New Straits Times.

In the original post, uploaded on a Facebook group called 'Kelab Ibu Mengandung Malaysia', the woman said she was concerned about her child's condition after switching milk formula brands to avoid using products associated with Israel.

She said after the switch, her six-month-old baby suffered from bloody stools. The woman added that despite trying four different milk formula brands, none were suitable for the infant.

In her post, the woman also revealed that her husband threatened to divorce her if she continued feeding their child the milk formula associated with Israel

"The doctor advised us to switch to a different formula. But I am bound by 'taklik,' (a set of conditions agreed by both bride and groom during their wedding ceremony) and if I give my child the formula that should be boycotted, it will lead to a divorce," she shared.

The post swiftly gained attention on X, raising concerns among netizens about the consequences of the parents' actions on the baby's well-being

Although the Facebook post received relatively little criticism, the repost on X was inundated with netizens expressing their outrage over the matter.

"It's advisable to consult with someone more knowledgeable. Keep in mind that in Islam, there are concessions in cases of necessity, and this situation should be considered. Moreover, boycotting is not obligatory," commented one netizen.

"Consider finding a different husband. If your husband threatens divorce and is willing to jeopardise your child's health, he's clearly toxic. He lacks compassion. Don't switch the formula if it can harm the child. Others who don't have such issues can make the change," said another.

Another user asked, "Why are they having such thoughts? It's the child who bears the consequences. Speaking of the 'taklik' statement, is it truly valid?"

Image via X
Image via X
Image via X

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