PKR Says It's Considering Suing Those Who Linked Party To Liberal International

"There is coordinated behaviour and this is a political attack."

Cover image via Fahmi Fadzil (Facebook)

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PKR will consider taking legal action against malicious parties linking it with Liberal International

PKR Information Chief Fahmi Fadzil once again stressed that PKR had never been a member of Liberal International and that the London-based association had removed PKR's name and logo from its website.

"Yesterday, 4 November, I announced that PKR was not a member of Liberal International and I have contacted them. So I ask our friends, especially lawyers, to take into consideration the slander and malicious lies made by unscrupulous parties who are trying to link PKR with Liberal International with ill intentions, and we will consider if there is a need to take legal action," he told reporters after officiating the OKU Celik Digital Empowerment Programme here.

The latest checks of the organisation’s website indicate that PKR’s name and logo, which were previously shown together with other parties and organisations from Asian countries, are no longer displayed.

Fahmi, who is also the Communications and Digital Minister, said that based on feedback from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), there are over 200 Liberal International-related content used to attack PKR and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

"So there is coordinated behaviour and this is a political attack, and it's important that I explain that factually, PKR is not a member of Liberal International. So stop all the slander and lies," he said.

On a separate development, Fahmi said that the government was of the opinion that mobile service providers should not impose additional charges to customers for 5G services.

"The government's stand is to not impose additional charges. If needed, I will issue instructions (to mobile network providers)," he added.

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