PAS Leader: Cancel Coldplay's Concert To Prevent Promoting Deviant Culture

He said the performance will not bring any benefit to the country and the rakyat.

Cover image via Zulfadhli Zulkifli/New Straits Times & @ColdplayOnStage (Twitter)

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A PAS leader is asking the government to cancel Coldplay's concert in Malaysia, citing that the performance will not bring any benefit to the country and the rakyat

PAS central working committee member Nasrudin Hassan made the statement today, 10 May, while replying to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's tweet that welcomed the British band to Malaysia.

Elaborating his view on Facebook, he asked whether the government is trying to spread hedonism and deviant cultures.

"Does the government want to nurture hedonism and deviant cultures in this country? I advise you to just cancel this group's performance in Malaysia. It brings nothing good to the religion, people, and country," said the leader in the Islamist party.

Nasrudin also posted photos of Coldplay's frontman, Chris Martin, carrying a rainbow flag at a concert in London, UK

The lead singer of the band is one of many Western artistes who support gay rights and other LGBT causes.

In 2019, he even spoke to Rolling Stone to share his "very homophobic" past while growing up in a conservative Christian family, before coming to terms at 15 years old that it was not the end of the world if he was gay.

In his statement, Nasrudin did not mention that Coldplay is the sponsor behind the Interceptor 005, a watercraft built by the Dutch non-profit organisation, The Ocean Cleanup, that has been cleaning up the Klang River for the past several years.

The PAS leader made the statement after Anwar dedicated a video to Coldplay, welcoming them to Malaysia and inviting them to work together for a greener world.

Coldplay will be performing at National Stadium Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur on 22 November.

Learn more about the concert details here:

Yesterday, 9 May, Anwar made a video dedicated to Coldplay to welcome them to Malaysia:

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