PAS Leader Warns Muslims To Be Wary Of Liberals Who Preach "Equality And Racial Harmony"

"Ultimately, they want Muslims to not feel guilty if they want to change their religion."

Cover image via The Mole & Malay Mail

PAS information chief Nasrudin Hassan warns Muslims to be careful with "enemies of Islam" and their agendas, such as the "liberalisation movement"

"Their idea is to neutralise religious practices in Islam through shared charities and actions with other religions in the name of racial unity and harmony," he said in a statement on 2 June, Malaysiakini reported.

Nasrudin's comments come days after Johor Bahru MP Akmal Nasir received a royal rebuke by the Johor Sultan for attending an interfaith buka puasa at a Sikh temple.

According to the PAS leader, the movement targets Muslims who do not study Islam and are easily deceived by the "slogan of equality and racial harmony"

By claiming that "all religions preach good values and encourage followers to attain a place in heaven," Nasrudin argued that the liberal interfaith movement attempts to put Islam and other religions on equal footing.

Johor Bahru MP Akmal Nasir attending an interfaith buka puasa at Gurdwara Sahib on 21 May.

Image via Malay Mail

He claimed that "mixing up special religious matters in Islam with customary and cultural practices" will result in improper practice.

Nasrudin opined that the liberalisation movement aims to affect the confidence of Muslims in the religion and "destroy their spirit to pursue syariah"

"They want to push the argument that Islamic law does not need to be accepted because of the plural society and the respect for religious diversity," the politician said.

"Ultimately, they want Muslims to not feel guilty if they want to change their religion," he added.

The PAS leader warns Muslims to "not cross the border that God has set"

Image via The Mole

While he acknowledged that Islam "maintains racial relations by respecting their rights even though they are non-Muslims", Nasrudin warned that there are limits.

"Islam has a boundary line that needs to be obeyed. It is an exclusive right that can not be ignored," he added, according to Malaysiakini.

Meanwhile, Johor Bahru MP Akmal Nasir defended his attendance at the interfaith breaking fast event by saying that it did not make him a lesser Muslim:

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