[VIDEO] Woman Caught Cursing At Grab Driver After Being Confronted For Double-Booking

Instead of cancelling her initial booking with him, she used another phone to book a different Grab ride.

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In two recent videos that have gone viral, a Singaporean woman was caught yelling profanities at a Grab driver after he confronted her for not cancelling the ride and then booking another driver

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It all started when the passenger texted the driver, Alex Soh, to ask if he could wait for five minutes, to which he replied, "Ok, no prob"

Upon arriving, he could not find anyone at the designated pick-up spot.

Knowing that stretch of apartments, Alex called her and suggested that she walk out of the sheltered area of the block so that he could spot her.

"But end up, she hung up, and did not pick up any of my calls thereafter," he added, according to the Facebook post.

He said he waited for a few minutes while trying to call her but she still didn't pick up any of his phone calls.

A few minutes later, Alex said he noticed a family walking out and getting into another Grab driver's car and realised that they were the same family that had initially booked him

Turns out, instead of cancelling their initial booking with him, they used another phone to book a different Grab ride.

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As if that's not bad enough, when Alex confronted her, the woman started spewing profanities at him in front of two boys believed to be her children

She called his mother a prostitute, a chicken, and even cursed his family to die while slamming his phone camera away. An elderly woman believed to be the woman's mother also chimed in and called him rude.

The video shows the family eventually getting out of the other car as she threatens to call her husband

The original post is believed to have been removed but other Facebook pages have since shared and re-uploaded the videos onto their own Facebook page.

Watch videos of the incident below:

Apparently, Grab drivers in Malaysia also face difficult passengers:

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