20,000 Students In Port Dickson Can Now Access Free Tuition Online

The free online portal will also be accessible to some 1,200 teachers.

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Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has launched the PD Tuition 2.0 programme, a free e-tuition initiative for students in his constituency Port Dickson

The programme, which is aimed at providing free online tuition classes to students in the district, can be accessed by students from Year 1 up to Form 5.

According to The Star Online, the free e-tuition initiative will help some 20,000 primary and secondary students in his constituency.

It will also be available to some 1,200 teachers teaching in 62 schools in the district.

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Image via NST Online

The programme has received support from the Ministry of Education

According to Anwar, the online tuition was organised by the Port Dickson district headmasters’ council together with the district parliamentary office.

Parents, teachers and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have also joined efforts in ensuring the programme can be utilised by the students in the district.

Speaking after launching the programme, Anwar urged teachers and students to make the most of it

"Please use this free programme as a lot of effort has been put in by people who are truly passionate about improving the academic standing of our students," Anwar was quoted as saying by The Star Online.

He asked students to get on with their revision instead of waiting until the penultimate month before their exams.

Anwar has also expressed his intention of expanding the online education programme nationwide in the future

“If I have the funding capabilities, I will expand the free online tuition PDTuition.com programme throughout Negeri Sembilan and the country," the Port Dickson MP said, as quoted by Bernama.

“Therefore, children need to be encouraged to use computers and I will try my best to contribute computer set at each school in Port Dickson,” he added.

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The free online tuition for students was first launched by Anwar during Port Dickson by-election in October 2018

Education had always been a priority to Anwar, who still lectures at the Georgetown University in Washing­ton DC, according to The Star Online.

“Education has always been my priority. From my days at the Malay College in Kuala Kangsar and while in Universiti Malaya, I always found time to impart knowledge through classes to students," he said in a statement reported by The Star Online.

In fact, if it was not for the change of circumstances, Anwar said, he would have been a teacher.

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