Eight Women Dead And 33 More Injured In A Fatal Bus Crash In Penang

The incident happened at around 5.30am today, 24 October.

Cover image via Amir Irsyad Omar/NST

A deadly bus crash involving two buses and a van in Penang, killed at least eight factory workers and injured 33 more early morning today, 24 October

The crash site involving two buses and a van near Juru toll at about 6am today.

Image via Fire and Rescue Department/NST

According to a report by New Straits Times (NST), the accident happened at around 5.30am today, near the Juru northbound toll plaza on the North South Expressway (NSE). 

Seberang Prai Tengah police chief Assistant Commissioner Nik Ros Azhan Nik Abdul Hamid confirmed the incident and explained how it happened to NST. 

One of the buses which was carrying 23 female workers from Indonesia and Nepal, had apparently stopped on the left side of the road near the Juru toll, due to an engine problem. 

"Another bus, carrying 15 workers, failed to brake in time and rammed into the first bus, pushing it to the right side of the road."

"Eight people have died so far. A total of 23 people sustained serious injuries and another 10 suffered minor injuries," Nik Ros Azhan told NST. 

It was also reported that all of the deceased are women. 

One of the passengers who was involved in the early morning crash, recounted her nightmarish experience to the English daily

Nur Shakira Ishak speaking to NST at the Seberang Jaya hospital this morning.

Image via Danial Saad/NST

40-year-old Nur Shakira Ishak told NST that she was actually asleep, when she was suddenly jolted awake by a loud crash.

"I woke up to absolute chaos inside the bus. Some people yelled out to the bus that had rammed into another bus which had stopped on the road.

"Only then did I realise that my best friend had died," explained Nur Shakira. Her friend, Noriah Kasa, 40, is one of the eight women who died in the accident.

Nur Shakira's best friend is the only casualty from the bus carrying 15 workers and is the only Malaysian victim. The remaining seven victims were from the other bus and are all foreigners. 

One of the factory buses that crashed into the other bus.

Image via Amir Irsyad Omar/NST

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