Penang CID Chief: The Problem With Vasanthapiriya's Case Is That A Lot Of It Is Hearsay

"Whoever made untrue statements have to bear the consequences."

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Penang CID chief Zainol Samah, while speaking about their investigations into the case of Vasanthapiriya's death, has said that while they have looked into several sections and even the Child Act 2001, the problem with the case is that a lot of it is hearsay

The case, which was first investigated under Section 309 of the Penal Code for attempted suicide, was classified under sudden death report (SDR) after the Form Two student passed away at the Seberang Jaya Hospital at 3.30am on 1 February.

While the investigation paper on the attempted suicide was submitted to the DPP's office, it responded with no further action (NFA), requesting the police to conduct further investigations to find new leads, The Star Online reported the CID chief as saying.

So far, even though the police have recorded a total of 24 statements, the problem with this case, CID chief Zainol says, is that a lot of it is hearsay.

"There were many unverified information made in connection with this case and we have to call up those who made those remarks to assist in the probe.

"Whoever made untrue statements have to bear the consequences," he was quoted as saying by The Star Online, adding police would also call up Malaysian Tamilar Kural president David Marshel to assist in their probe.

He also said that after the police wrap up their investigations, they will recommend an inquest to look into the death of Vasanthapiriya

According to him, the inquest would allow the coroner to look into all the statements of the investigation. However, police have not reached that stage yet.

"We have to complete the necessary (investigation). Once that is done, we will give our recommendation to the deputy public prosecutor (DPP) office that an inquest be conducted on this case," Zainol was reported saying so by The Star Online at a press conference in George Town yesterday, 9 February.

Among the reports that the police is investigating, one has been lodged by Vasanthapiriya's uncle who alleged that the teacher had abused and threatened her, and another one is by a man who claims that he and the teacher have been defamed by news reports

The CID chief has appealed to those who have been issuing statements into the case to step forward and assist in the investigations, The Malay Mail Online reported.

Meanwhile, Zainol also urged the media to stop publishing speculations.

"Why must the media speculate on this case?

"There is no need to speculate, just let us investigate, we need time to investigate and we can’t reveal details of our investigations until we have completed it," Zainol was quoted as saying by The Malay Mail Online.

You can follow up on the case of Vasanthapiriya's death on SAYS here.

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