"We're Never Going To Paris Ever Again" - Local YouTuber Shares Her Bad Travel Experiences

"Who would've thought the most romantic place on earth is the most dangerous place I've ever been to?"

Cover image via Faa Firds/YouTube

On 4 February, local YouTuber Faa Firds uploaded a vlog about her traumatic experience in Paris with her husband, Afif Chad

In the video, Faa recounted the ordeal which happened within an hour of the pair's arrival in Paris

To date, the video has garnered over 90,000 views on YouTube.

According to the YouTuber, her husband nearly got pick-pocketed on the Paris Métro

Faa first spotted a tall, "normal-looking" man, who is believed to be French, on the same train. She said that he was intentionally pushing his way through to stand in between her and her husband. The couple also couldn't move much as the train was full.

She then realised that an elderly man was staring at both her and the Frenchman, which made her pay more attention to the man.

As the train approached the stop which the Frenchman was supposed to get off at, Faa saw his fingers going into her husband's bag

She pulled the man's fingers away from her husband's bag and screamed at him. After his failed attempt at pick-pocketing, the man left the train before shouting back at Faa in French. 

Faa's husband, Afif appeared in the video.

Image via Faa Firds/YouTube

Faa expressed her disappointment as no passengers on board offered help to the couple when the incident happened

She went on to talk about similar experiences in Mexico and New York. She was denied entry to a rollercoaster ride in Mexico for wearing a hijab, and she was also demanded to take off her hijab for inspection in New York. 

Furthermore, Faa warned her viewers to not visit the City of Love in light of the incident

"It is seriously so overrated," Faa said with frustration.

"If you're thinking (about) where to go in Europe, (don't have to) consider Paris," she added.

You can watch the full YouTube video here:

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