Penang Thieves Left This House Empty-Handed Because It Looked Like It Was Already Robbed

They were confused to find belongings randomly scattered all over the floor.

Cover image via Sin Chew

Two thieves broke into a house in Simpang Ampat, Penang on Wednesday, 24 April

The men, who arrived at the house at 1pm, were caught off guard by the state of the house, Sin Chew Daily reported.

They were confused to find belongings randomly scattered all over the floor of the living room and on the mattress in the bedroom

Image via Sin Chew
Image via Sin Chew

The furniture also seemed to be oddly positioned.

Image via Sin Chew

The men, who intended to steal a television, decided not to take anything after coming to the conclusion that the house had already been ransacked.

Suspicious of the white car parked in front of the compound, the owner of the house, Ang, rushed inside when he arrived home.

"Is this your house?" the burglars asked when they came face-to-face with him.

The two men then ran off.

Ang lodged a police report soon after.

According to the 77-year-old, this was not the first instance in which robbers had targeted his home

He disclosed in the police report that it had been burgled several times, as its location as a corner house made it easy for people to break in through the side windows.

This is why he decided to no longer keep valuables inside the house.

Ang also revealed the suspects' car plate number which he managed to make a mental note of.

However, police have confirmed that the license plate was a fake, Sin Chew Daily reported.

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