Penang Will Be The First In SEA To Implement Bike Share System

A group of passionate cyclists has been awarded a government contract to turn Penang into Malaysia's first cycling mecca.

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London, New York, Taipei And Melbourne Have It. Soon, Penang Will Also Implement The Public Bike Sharing System.

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The Penang State Government Has Awarded Local Company Public Bike Share Sdn Bhd A RM9.2 Million Contract To Design, Install And Operate A Bicycle-Sharing System

Director Hubert Fong was introducing the hardware reference to CM Lim.

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In its bid to turn George Town into a greener, more sustainable city, Penang awarded a RM9.2 million contract to local company Public Bike Share Sdn Bhd to design, install, operate and maintain a bicycle-sharing system similar to that adopted by London, New York, Taipei and Melbourne.

“This is a move to encourage Penangites to cycle as the first step to an evolution in the state’s transport system,” Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng told a news conference here today.
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A Bicycle Sharing System Is A Service Where Bicycles Are Available For Shared Use To Individuals On A Very Short Term Basis. Users Borrow A Bike From One Station And Return It At Any Station Near Their Destination Of Choice.

The bicycle-sharing system allows those with an access pass to pick up a bicycle at any station to cycle to their destination of choice and to return the bicycle at the station there.

The system is almost like borrowing a book from the library. The user checks out a bike, uses it for a period and then returns it. The only difference is that the bicycle does not have to be returned to the same place it was checked out. It can be conveniently returned to any bicycle station in town run by the bike sharing company.

The system will also be cashless, as those renting the bicycles will use prepaid bike passes, credit cards or a specially designed mobile app. However, the company has yet to determine the rental fee. "The fee will be according to the duration the bike is rented, but it will surely be affordable," said Thomas Tan, the company's marketing manager.
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The Implementation Of The Bike Sharing System In George Town Is Expected To Reduce Traffic And Parking Woes

This privately driven and funded initiative is expected to help George Town – which is plagued with problems like traffic jams on narrow roads and limited parking spaces – tackle its traffic congestion woes to some extend.

Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng said the bike share network will help improve public transport networks as well as visitors' experience when touring the heritage city.
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The Start Of The Penang Bike Share Will See 500 Bicycles Available For Rent, 1,000 Bicycle Docks, And 25 Bike Stations Around George Town

In the beginning there will be 500 bicycles available for renting and 1,000 bicycle docks. The entire network will be completed by 2017.

The system will see at least 25 bike stations set up across George Town, with 1,000 bicycle docks and 500 bicycles. Users will be able to pay the bicycle rentals with their credit cards or through mobile apps and prepaid bike passes.

The proposed bicycle stations are located at busy areas like shopping malls, markets, food courts, the ferry terminal, hotels, government buildings and tourist attractions in the heritage zone like Fort Cornwallis, temples in the heritage zone and Chew Jetty.

Penang Bike Share Is Expected To Be Launched By May 2015 And Fully Completed By 2017

The state expects to kick off bike-shares in George Town in stages from next May with the whole system to be fully completed by 2017.

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