No More Penis-Shaped Waffle In Melaka's Jonker Street

Going for RM5 a pop, the penis-shaped snack was a hit among tourists and locals.

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It all started with a man who wanted to bring a popular food trend to the streets of Melaka...

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The penis-shaped waffles were sold as a novelty item for only RM5 at a gift and souvenirs shop along Jonker Street in Melaka. They "were a hit" since they were introduced at Melaka's most popular tourist spot two weeks ago according to Free Malaysia Today

However, Jonker Walk Committee advisor Datuk Gan Tian Loo told the owner of the shop that they were unfit for the community and prohibited further sale. The ballsy operator continued to sell them in the days leading up to Chinese New Year.

Jonker Street traders met on Monday morning on 8 Feb to express their discontent toward the vendor, who went against prior warnings

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Being well aware that the spread of images on social media may lead to disastrous results, they took immediate action to prevent it from spiralling out of control. They revoked the vendor's license as it could "tarnish the image of Melaka as a tourist attraction" according to Chief Minister Idris Haron.

“The trader also violated the by-law by selling food items when the licence only stipulated that souvenirs and gifts could be sold by him.” said Mayor Zainal Hussin.

The outlet operator bought the phallic-shaped waffle maker from Taiwan, where the food trend originated from

The batter is poured into the oenis-shaped waffle machine and a sausage is put in the middle

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Datuk Gan said the operator's actions had marred the reputation of Jonker Walk, which has been regarded as a wholesome night-market and gourmet destination.

Since then, the outlet operator in his late 20's apologised, saying he only wished to make Jonker Walk more interesting with such novelty items

In Taiwan, a store in the heart of popular Shilin Night Market has been operating since 2012 with much success

The concept behind the store is for girls who got cheated on to bite on this unique waffle stick and chew off the anger, according to the owner. The name Gayke refers to 'gay cake' and is a popular stop in the crowded market.

The phallic-shaped waffles were introduced in Taiwan back in 2012 and sold at least 500 sticks alone in its first week.

Battered hot dog with Thai chili sauce

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Cocksicles comes in flavours like berry, lemon and peanut

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Peanut filled eclairs, packaged neatly for tourists to bring home

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Open wide for these delicious desserts!

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Another highly popular restaurant in Taiwan called Funny Sex is known for providing the full experience with phallic-decor and main meals

Restaurant manager Chen Yu-qi told CNNgo that the decorations for the store in Kaohsiung, Taiwan were chosen carefully by the owner so as not to come off "repulsive". It is meant as a "good and fun learning experience", Ms Chen puts it.

Locals are reported to have a good laugh when they visit the restaurant, rather than to enjoy a meal.

Rice neatly arranged in a creative manner

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Presentation is key

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Both tourists and Shanghai locals have no qualms about this weird but bold renditions of their favourite food

According to a local Shanghai website, the Gayke is considered a must-try on the list when visiting the Shilin Night Market.

Rather than shamefully avoiding eye contact while downing your sausage, A Piece of Gayke tells you to do it with pride—by clothing that sausage with cake batter, in the mold of that ‘other’ unspeakable sausage.

"Yes, the whole thing is corny and silly, but it's good to see some folks still have a sense of humor about sex" said Brian Ashcraft from, in his review for the Funny Sex restaurant.

What other ‘lewd’ things have you found in local stores, local tourist spots or pasar malams? Tell us in the comments below!

The novelty food item in Jonker Street will certainly be missed by locals, who are just looking for a good laugh

For more crazy looking desserts, check out this dessert that can't help but remind us of something...

China is indeed known for starting really weird trends

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