People Are Angry At A TikTok Of Friends Eating Ice From A Local Market's Freezer

The TikTok was filmed and uploaded by an UPSI student.

Cover image via TikTok (Screenshot edited by SAYS)

A 15-second TikTok showing a group of friends at a local grocer has gone viral. In the TikTok, they are seen eating ice from an open freezer.

The TikTok was filmed and uploaded by the owner on their public account on Saturday, 9 January.

At the time of writing this story, it has been viewed over 450K times on the app.

The person making the TikTok can be heard joking about how "weird" their friends are for "camping out here and eating in a supermarket"

In the TikTok, the person then continues to joke, trying to bring the attention of others.

"Brothers and sisters, look at how they're just throwing away [inaudible] container in the freezer. Look at them eat like they're in their own home! This man is just looking at them but what do they care? Oh my god, my friends are so weird," the TikToker can be heard remarking in Bahasa Malaysia.

In the comments section, hundreds of TikTok users highlighted how the TikToker's friends' behaviour was "unhygienic", especially given the COVID-19 situation in the country.

While the said TikTok is publicly accessible to anyone with or without the app or a TikTok account, SAYS is choosing not to directly link or share the video in this story at this point.

While it isn't clear in which local market the TikTok was shot, it does show what looks like a TF Value-Mart logo in the background

The TikToker, meanwhile, is a student at the Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) in Tanjung Malim, Perak, according to their public Instagram account.

Meanwhile, a few hours after the original TikTok was uploaded, a Twitter user shared it on her account with over 48,000 followers

The Twitter user, @hannabunnyb, expressed disgust at the behaviour displayed in the TikTok.

She used multiple vomit emojis to convey her message.

Her tweet has since gone viral with almost 9,000 retweets. of which, close to 3,000 are quote-tweets by netizens, who expressed disbelief and anger at the group of friends in the TikTok.

"Your best friend is not weird. They are just stupid or else disgusting," read one quote-tweet.

While another read, "COVID-19 or not, who tf does this????"

Hanna consented to SAYS using her tweet for this story, however, we are choosing to not embed it.

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