Perak Clowns Take To Ramadan Bazaars To Remind Shoppers Of COVID-19 SOPs

The clowns handed out free face masks and reminded shoppers to observe physical distancing at the bazaar.

Cover image via Bernama

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Last Saturday, 17 April, members of Perak Muslim Clowns Malaysia (MCM) volunteered to remind the public to follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) at the Taman Jati Ramadan bazaar in Ipoh

Image via Suara Perak

Four clowns from the Perak branch of the MCM group decided to gather and use their talents for good at the Taman Jati Ramadan bazaar, reported Astro Awani.

The group of performers caught the attention of shoppers at the bazaar by holding up signs that read "COVID-19 watching us" and "stay safe".

They did that to remind the public that the virus still exists in our communities.

According to Bernama, the clowns handed out free face masks and ensured the public registered their details at the Ramadan bazaar. They also advised the public to follow the physical distancing rules while shopping at the bazaar.

"Our main mission is to ensure that visitors comply with the SOPs so that there is no Ramadan bazaar cluster," said MCM representative Nazirah Abd Rahman

Nazirah explained that the group felt inclined to participate in the initiative after seeing members of the public expressing their concerns of shoppers flouting SOPs at bazaars, reported Bernama.

Poor SOP compliancy has led to many Ramadan bazaars across the country to face closure orders.

"When I watch the news and read (postings) on social media, there are bazaars that were told to close for not complying with the SOPs, I don't want it to happen here," she said.

The MCM representative said that this awareness campaign by the group is the first of its kind and they hope to continue the initiative at other bazaars around Perak

Image via Suara Perak

Nazirah — who also goes by the name Mama Pinky — mentioned that other than raising awareness at bazaars, the group is willing to continue entertaining at small events across the state while complying to the SOPs.

"In any event such as at an orphanage or hospital, we have to comply with the SOPs set by the government so that we can fight the spread of COVID-19," she said to Bernama.

Remember to limit your movement and keep practising physical distancing. Watch the latest update on the COVID-19 situation:

Local state authorities in Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, and Penang have found people not adhering to SOPs at bazaars:

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