Netizens Are Loving This Boy's Attempt To Hide His Lunch In Respect Of Muslim Friends

He didn't have to. T.T

Cover image via Syafiq Izwan Kassim (Facebook)

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A primary school student has recently gone viral for trying his best to not eat too obviously in front of his fasting Muslim classmates

The photos of the student respectfully eating lunch in the classroom were shared by his teacher, Syafiq Izwan Kassim, on Facebook on the second day of Ramadan, 14 April.

As a disclaimer, the teacher first said, "I didn't ask him to hide and eat like that!"

As it was lunchtime during the fasting month, Syafiq had only called on his non-Muslim students to take out their food to eat

While they took out their packed meals and started eating as usual in the classroom, the teacher said he was touched to see a student eating as discreetly as possible while facing a wall.

"This kid is really one of a kind among his friends. He was trying his best to eat without being [too obvious] to the others," said the teacher.

Although the teacher had given his students the green light to eat, Syafiq said it was great that a student showed his own initiative to be respectful towards his Muslim classmates who were fasting.

"This is a result of great upbringing and social awareness."

The wholesome post went viral with netizens praising the student for showing his care towards his classmates during the holy month

The original post had over 3,000 shares and gained even more attention when it was shared by entertainment news Facebook page Oh My Media.

"Actually, there are many non-Muslims who are very respectful towards their friends in Islam who are fasting. But honestly, we don't mind if you eat in front of us. Malaysia is truly a loving and caring country," said a Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

Another user said, "This is good teaching by his parents. I, too, have always felt reluctant and shy to eat in front of people who are fasting. I also hesitate whenever I'm buying food at a Ramadan bazaar because I feel those fasting should be given priority."

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, another netizen reminisced about how they used to hide their water bottle in their schoolbag to show consideration for their fasting friends.

"In school, when I was thirsty, I would keep a bottle with a straw in my bag and put my whole head in there to drink," they recalled, laughing.

"I felt it was so rude of me to simply drink in class because we were always taught to respect our fasting friends."

Image via Facebook

Too wholesome. Selamat berpuasa, everyone!

Image via GIPHY

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