"So Precious" — Teacher In S'wak Gets Love For Adorable Online Class With His Students

Must protect him at all costs.

Cover image via @valerieversace (TikTok)

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A viral TikTok of a teacher in Kuching, Sarawak is giving students mushy feelings with his immaculate wholesome vibes

The video was uploaded by one of his students, Valerie, on her account with over 200,000 followers. Valerie shared the TikTok back in March and since then it has amassed more than half a million views.

In it, the teacher, Jerome Ee We Lim, is seen sharing his experience about conducting online classes and the marked difference in the noise level he has noticed among his students.

The TikTok opens with Mr Jerome remarking that he remembers how they used to be very talkative during his in-person classes. "Now still or not?" he asks animatedly.

He then goes on to adorably mimick the noises.

As he fondly shares how much he enjoys online classes where he can "talk talk talk talk talk without any disturbance", Valerie jokingly remarks in the video that they probably gave Mr Jerome PTSD

The teacher is seen grabbing his head as he recalls the stress they gave him, remarking "haiya!"

The video of Mr Jerome, who was taking a religious education class, clearly sparked joy among his students who could be heard giggling and enjoying their affable teacher's session.

Valerie, who endearingly wrote in the caption that they will be protecting the teacher "at all cost", shared more with this SAYS writer

According to her, she has been his student for two years now.

"He is honestly one of the kindest people I have ever met in my entire life. He's forgiving, understanding, caring, fun, you name it," Valerie shared with SAYS, adding, "Although I am not Catholic or Christian, I always pay full attention in his classes as he often puts in an extra effort to make sure all his students are interested in the Catechism lesson, whether they are Catholic or not."

She shared that while Mr Jerome is not their school counsellor, he still cares a lot about them.

"It's really why he's such an amazing teacher. He truly stands for everything he is teaching."

Meanwhile, hundreds of people including several of his students have since left heartwarming comments under the video

Some wished for him to be their teacher

While one asked, jokingly, if he is single coz her mum asked

Watch the video here:

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