Perodua Is Releasing A New Sedan Model Called 'Jaguh'. Really?

An alleged picture of a Perodua Jaguh has been spreading on the Internet since last year. However, Perodua recently announced that it will not launch any sedan model this year but a different model instead.

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An Alleged Picture Of A Perodua Jaguh Sedan Has Been Spreading Like Wildfire On The Net Since Last Year

Perodua Jaguh

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An alleged picture of the ‘leaked’ Perodua Jaguh sedan (above) has been spreading like wildfire on the Net, with many publications and websites, both international and local, reporting it to be the genuine article.

While the possibility of a Perodua sedan is very real indeed – company officials have said that they’re studying the idea of going down the sedan route – the leaked brochure seems less so.

The Car In Question Is Tightly Based On A Toyota Etios, With A Perodua Face Grafted On It

The 'leaked' brochure of Perodua Jaguh.

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Now a rear shot has emerged, and here again the sedan looks almost identical to the Etios, right down to the full-width chrome strip and the exact same light graphics.

The only thing changed is the badge, which now features Perodua’s P rather than Toyota’s T.

The fuel filler cap is on the right side, whereas Peroduas and Toyotas usually have them on the left.

The Speculation Ended When Theophilus Chin, An Automotive Maipulator Admitted That The 'Jaguh' And Leaflet Are ‘An Elaborate Hoax’

Theophilus is a master ‘automotive manipulator’, having come up with his own versions of variants of some models in the market and sometimes ‘stripping’ away camouflage to show what a new model could look like.
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Theophilus revealed that he used a Toyota model as a basis and replaced the Toyota badges with Perodua badges. As for the leaflet, he used the one for the Alza as the template and inserted the appropriate images, retaining all the familiar corporate identity features to give it a ‘genuine’ look.

Theophilus said, “I need to apologize should this prank cause hurt” and he also apologised to those who would be disappointed to know that there is no such model about to be launched.

However, A Perodua Sedan Is Real As Company Officials Have Said That They’re Studying The Idea Of Going Down The Sedan Route

Whatever the case, the ruse worked a charm, enough for it to be reported in the mainstream news and for Perodua to have had to respond to the matter with statements.

We were told by the automaker that “a feasibility study has been completed for a sedan. Just come to KLIMS 2013,” which suggests that a concept should break cover at the show.

However, Perodua sedan is very real indeed, as company officials have previously said that they’re studying the idea of going down the sedan route.

Earlier This Year, Perodua Confirmed That Its Maiden Sedan Model Is Expected To Be Launched In 2015

Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh.

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Perodua is optimistic of launching its maiden sedan model next year, says president and chief executive officer Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh.

“However, we will not launch the sedan model this year as we need time to finalise the specifications and design of the model", said Aminar.

Besides That, A New Compact Model Is Expected To Be Launched In The Second Half Of 2014

"The new compact model is expected to be launched in the second half of the year," Aminar told reporters at a Chinese New Year luncheon today.

He said the new compact and sedan model would be manufactured at the company's new plant in Rawang, Selangor, while its powertrain would be manufactured in Sendayan, Negeri Sembilan.

The Company Is Currently In Discussion With Daihatsu Motor Company Ltd On The Technical Specifications For The Car

He said the company was currently in discussion with its technical partner, Daihatsu Motor Company Ltd, on the technical specifications for the car and was now focusing on launching a new compact model car this year.

They are now focusing on launching a new compact model car this year.

The New Compact And Sedan Model Would Be Manufactured At The Company's New Plant In Rawang

The Rawang plant, which is 90 per cent ready, would be completed by the middle of the year while the Sendayan plant is expected to be completed in March.

Aminar said the Rawang plant would be equipped with a RM65 million test track to cater for sophisticated technology to be installed in the upcoming models.

The plant forms the bulk of this year’s RM1.09 billion capital expenditure (capex), which is significantly higher than RM182.53 million in 2013 and the projected RM327.5 million in 2015.

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