Pervert Claimed He's A Suria KLCC Employee To Trick Women Into Sending Half-Naked Photos

He started by offering a job that pays RM13,000 a month.

Cover image via Chanah EeChing Facebook

Ladies, beware of e-mails offering high-paying jobs that seem too good to be true. A young woman recently warned others of a pervert posing as a mall employee to trick women into sending him half-naked photos.

Local Instagram personality Chanah Tan.

Image via Chanah EeChing Facebook

Chanah Tan, a local Instagram personality, allegedly received an e-mail from someone claiming to be an employee of Suria KLCC Sdn. Bhd. who is interested to hire her as an ambassador for the company's new mall

The sender of the e-mail, who claimed to be Gerald Chan from the Event Department of Suria KLCC Sdn. Bhd., also offered Tan a salary of RM13,000 a month to be the ambassador of the company's "4th mall".

However, red flags were raised when another representative from Suria KLCC insisted that she send him photos of her in a "crop top or bikini" via WhatsApp

A "Danson from the Human Resource Department of Suria KLCC sdn bhd corporation", who claimed that he was told to contact Tan by the events department, requested for her photographs, including those of her in "underclothings".

Feeling suspicious, Tan called up the real HR department of Suria KLCC. Not only did she find out that the e-mail address used to send the above e-mail is not official, the people she was in contact with don't even work for the company!

In her Instagram post, Tan cautioned other young women to not fall victim to the "scam".

She wrote, "Please be aware! And please share it out! I don't wanna see any girls fall into this!!! If any one of you received this email, PLEASE DO NOT FALL INTO THIS!"

So ladies, be careful when receiving e-mail or texts like these and don't hesitate to check with an official channel if you're not sure if it's legit!

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