Man's Heartfelt Note Explains Why He Gave Up A House After Paying RM44,500 For It

A man with a golden heart!

Cover image via Siti Na'imah Mohamed

It may be a cold and cruel world out there, but one Malaysian has shown us what is like to be the light in this darkness. His selfless acts of kindness have brought smiles to many who read about his story today.

A man, known as Lee Hui Sen, willingly gave up his hard-earned RM44,500 for a family that he has probably not even seen in person.

He had forked out the large sum of money as a down payment for a house that was on auction, but decided to cease his wishes to buy the house when he noticed the family’s plight just as he went to check out the property.

Though he liked the house, he did not have the heart to kick out a family in distress from their home.

His handwritten letter which was left at the house's mailbox, moved many people and it's easy to see why:

"Dear sir, I am Lee Hui Sen, the man who bought your house that was being auctioned.

I apologise because I had bought the house and that may have caused you and your family members to fret and worry about this matter.

That day, my family had gone to the house, sir, and we have seen the children's clothes outside the house. My family and I do not have the heart to chase you out of the house, if after we bought the house, sir.

We decided not to buy the house after all, even when we’ve gone through all the trouble to pay RM44,500.

We will lose the money, but the money will still go into your house’s bank account. We hope this can be of some assistance to you."

He went on to offer some advice, hoping that the family would work towards getting a closure after this ordeal

"Try to negotiate with the bank. Restructure your loan, otherwise, your house would be auctioned again.

Try to discuss with your bank to lengthen the instalment plan, so that the monthly instalment could be lessened according to your capabilities to repay.

Dear sir, this is only my personal advice. If you can, please do throw away the small trees and flower pots at the side of your house so that your house would look brighter and invite positive energy into the home.

Good luck and have a nice living forever to you and your family."

It is understood that the family has been facing financial difficulties in recent years and they have been struggling to repay the bank loans on time

According to Siti Na'imah Mohamed, the person who first uploaded the photos of the handwritten letter by Lee on social media, the family in question was allegedly "cheated by a bank".

It is said that the head of the household had paid RM40,000 in 2014 but he was declared as a bankrupt, thus losing his home due to foreclosure.

Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia (PPIM) president Datuk Nadzim Johan confirmed the matter and helped to verify the authenticity of the letter, NST reported.

"The family took a loan for about RM200,000 some 15 years back to buy the house. They have been paying the monthly instalment of RM1,800 without missing (a month) for 13 years until the father lost his job," he reportedly said, adding that the incident caused the family to eventually fall behind on mortgage payments.

Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia (PPIM) president Datuk Nadzim Johan

Image via Saw Siow Feng/Malay Mail Online

The couple could not believe that a stranger would actually forgo his money and even hand back the house to them

It was reported that the letter was received by the couple in July, and they found it hard to fathom that such good people still exist when they found the letter.

"This is really unbelievable and a miracle to get a chance to rebuild our lives again," the wife, who is only known as Nor, told The Star.

The couple has turned to PPIM for assistance to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, Nadzim wants to honour the Good Samaritan for his good deeds.

"You have not met this person and yet you can just part with your money to help someone. People are fighting for so many things outside and yet this man can provide assistance to a family for them to start anew. We urge Lee to come forward so we can offer our appreciation to him," he was quoted as saying by The Star.

Lee Hui Sen, thank you for lighting up the world with your kindness!

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These Malaysians' compassion and kindness knew no bounds:

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