Fuel Prices Went Up, So These Malaysians Paid For Strangers' Petrol To Help Them Out

Great job!

Cover image via Al Arifi/Siti Bainun

When news of the fuel price hike hit the streets, Zurianty Sudin quickly got into action. She had an idea that will hopefully help the needy cope with the price hike.

Many have expressed their dissatisfaction and worry as both the petrol and diesel pump prices went up by 15 sen per litre beginning yesterday, 1 November.

Knowing that many people would be directly affected by this price hike, Zurianty, as the founder of a group of volunteers called 'Freevo', decided to initiate an impromptu project called #FreeFuelForTheNeedy.

Together with her group of friends, Zurianty invited others to join them in this project where they would head to a petrol station early in the morning and offer to pay for motorcyclists' petrol.

They scattered around different petrol stations in the Klang Valley area to carry out their plan yesterday, 1 November

Zurianty went to the Petronas petrol station in Brickfields, while her seven other friends went to other petrol stations in Penchala Link, Ampang, Kepong, Ara Damansara, Shah Alam dan Wangsa Maju.

The 34-year-old was at the petrol station in Brickfields by 8.40am and stayed for about 15 minutes before she headed to work. Throughout that short period of time, she welcomed anyone who was riding a motorcycle to get a free petrol refill from her.

Everyone is free to contribute whatever amount that they want to for this project. For Zurianty herself, she decided to allocate about RM5 for each motorcyclist.

"I can't change the world, but I can try to make someone smile with RM5!"

Though Zurianty and her friends carried out the project separately at different locations - the effects were the same.

People were radiating with joy, their smiles contagious. The bikers were extremely grateful that somebody has been so kind to pay for their petrol, even when the amount may be trivial to some.

"Alhamdulillah, there was an uncle whom I met who said that he was grateful for the free petrol refill which will allow him to travel work for a week, while he awaits for his salary," Zurianty was quoted as saying by Harian Metro.

"Many have asked why I was giving free petrol refills. I just tell them it's rezeki (sustenance) from God, I just help to fill it."

Image via Al Arifi
Image via Al Arifi
Image via Siti Bainun

Some have even asked Zurianty, "Why only for motorcyclists?"

"Because with only RM5, we could get a full tank. We can cover a lot of people. Not really. I've seen many pak cik who paid for petrol with only RM2. Some even used coins. Yes, not everyone who rides a motorcycle is poor. But it’s alright, let us start with this group of people first," Zurianty explained.

She also hit back at critics who are sceptical of the charity project. These people said that even though they helped someone today, tomorrow the price of the petrol remains the same.

"If we sit around on Facebook, can we make anyone richer? We spread the love, not hatred. Everyone is upset that the prices of fuel have been increased. The poor, the rich, everyone is angry. Let us sprinkle this anger with a little bit of positivity. Not a lot, just a little bit."

"Finally, every single little effort counts. Yes, it won't change anything, but maybe it will change YOU! Let's spread the LOVE!"

Thank you for doing this, Zurianty and friends! We're absolutely inspired!

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