When This Malaysian Didn't Let Pride Get In The Way Of Doing What's Right For Others

A shining example of a good samaritan.

Cover image via Josh Awang

In Kuala Lumpur, where traffic doesn't stop for anyone...

Image via meiert

...where people are often too busy to care about anything other than themselves and their problems (nothing wrong in it, though)

There are some people who live beyond such modern-day notions.

And this viral Facebook post puts light on exactly one such person in this busy Kuala Lumpur city. The person's presence of mind and attitude has won over thousands of Malaysians heart on the web.

Image via Josh Awang

The above photo, originally posted by Josh Awang, shows a motorist - whom Josh described as "Malay chap" - stopping at the junction of Taman Desa traffic lights when he noticed broken glasses and nails on the middle of the street.

He then got down off his bike and "proceeded to sweep the caltrops off the road so that passing motorist would not be risked," read the original Facebook post by Josh.

On the surface, it may not seem like a big deal, but when you consider the scenario about how many of us would actually do what he did, you can't help but only appreciate his presence of mind

Meanwhile, Josh, who posted the photo on his Facebook profile, wrote that he "would have gotten down to thank him if I wasn't in great pain and rushing myself to the hospital". However, he added that he is glad that at least he got to "share this with you from my hospital bed."

And the amount of people (over 9.4K at the time of this writing) who have Reacted to the post on Facebook proves how appreciative everyone is on the Internet about the kind Malaysians good deed

Image via Josh Awang

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