This UPM Graduate's Heartwarming Tribute To His Buddy Is Exactly What Malaysia Needs Today

"Thanks for everything, bro. I owe you a lot."

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A Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) graduate's heartwarming testimonial about his friend has moved the hearts of netizens

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Pragash Muthu Rajan, who recently graduated with a Masters of Corporate Communication, shared about his friendship with his best friend, Amir.

Pragash paid homage to his "brother" for his unwavering support that has helped the master's graduate to achieve the success he has today.

Together, the duo have gone through many obstacles together since they first met six years ago during their bachelor's degree in 2010.

Pragash recalled the good and bad days they've spent together during their bachelor's degree

"I've known him since we were in the first year of bachelor’s degree in 2010. He is one of my best friends till date. We have faced quite a number of sorrows in our life since completed our studies," Pragash wrote.

"At one point, we were not in a proper job (unemployed) for few months. We shared a small room to accommodate ourselves. Refreshing the Jobstreet page was one of our favourite activities, from day to night."

"We never missed our prayers though we understood our way of praying is different, and it has to be done under the same roof, somehow. He will do it his way, and I will do mine, and we respect each others’ beliefs," Pragash said.

When Pragash decided to pursue his master’s degree, Amir gave his full support to his best buddy. He has gone to great lengths just to ensure that Pragash will get to where he is today.

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Pragash recalled how he could always count on Amir's kindness back in the days when he had to travel around without a car. He was always grateful that his buddy was willing to ferry him around, even at the cost of Amir's inconvenience.

"At the end of my first semester, I got a job interview in Perak. Amir sent me to KL Sentral around 4am with his bike (none of us owned a car back then). Both of us were not really familiar with the road to KL Sentral. So, I had to be his pillion passenger, holding the GPS device and guided him, again, with his bike."

"Few weeks after my interview, I got the job, accepted the offer, and thought of quitting my studies due to the difficulties in travelling by bus from Perak to UPM (once or even thrice in a month) until the day I received my first semester's results. The result boosted my spirit to get the business done; whatever it takes. Amir has gotten a job as well at that time."

It is a true friendship where two people disregarded their own differences to build a relationship based on trust

"Sometimes, he just lent me his bike for the whole two days of my weekend classes which eased me to travel from my (another) friend’s house to UPM," Pragash said.

"Also, I did send him my assignments in soft copy, to print and submit it to my lecturer, safely (I don’t wish to take the risk by mailing them through any courier services due to my previous bad experiences)."

"After a few months on the job, I managed to buy a car and also completed my studies a few months later."

"Thanks for everything, bro. I owe you a lot; I will definitely repay your kindness, one day."

"The reason why I’m sharing this is to tell the world that this guy, called Amiruddin, has contributed a lot (not just provided transport, but more than that – HIS TIME) in order for me to successfully complete my master's degree," Pragash said.

"We went through the difficult phase of our life together, and now we are happy with each other’s achievements. Yet, I just wished I could broadcast 'the making of my master’s scroll' to the world, by highlighting the role of my best buddy, Wan Amiruddin Wan Pa."

Netizens have applauded Pragash and Amir for their exemplary way of living that demonstrates a "true friendship without prejudice of race and religion"

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Pragash's moving tribute to Amir was first posted on UPM's official Facebook page. The post has received more than 3,500 likes and 600 shares as of today, 31 October.

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