'Pervert' Who Was Filmed Touching Himself Inside LRT Is Finally Sent To Jail For 3 Years

While confessing his act, the 41-year-old father of two, however, said the woman was partly to be blamed as she was dressed in "sexy clothes".

Cover image via Wardah Hanum

Back in August, 26-year-old Wardah Hanum, a resident of Kuala Lumpur, had uploaded a video recording of a man who followed her at Masjid Jamek station and intentionally sat in front of her in the LRT coach at 11.45pm on the night of 13 August and went on to outrage her modesty by holding and rubbing his own private part

Posted by Wardah Hanum Z A on Thursday, August 13, 2015

Now, after almost a month, the man was arrested and sentenced to three years in jail by the Kuala Lumpur Magistrate's Court. According to a report in The Star, the culprit who was identified as Amran Shah Abu Samah, aged 41, pleaded guilty to committing the indecent act onboard the LRT in front of the 26-year-old woman.

Clad in a grey baju melayu and black trousers in court, Amran appeared calm and gave a lengthy mitigation before Magistrate Ashraf Rizal Abdul Manan stepped in to ask if he was delivering a "ceramah" (political speech).

Amran told the court that he was sorry and regretted his actions, but said he was unstable then as he had not slept for more than three days.

The case had received widespread publicity after the alleged victim recorded the man's inappropriate behaviour and shared it on social media. The court ordered Amran to serve the jail sentence from the day of his arrest on September 2.

Magistrate Ashraf Rezal Abdul Manan passed the sentence to Amran Shah Abu Samah, 42, after he pleaded guilty of humiliating and degrading the woman's dignity by holding and rubbing his own private part with the intention to outrage the modesty of the 26-year-old hotel customer service officer.

While admitting to the Magistrate's Court that he was sorry and regretted his actions, Amran Shah, who has 2 kids and works as a waiter, however, said the woman was partly to blame because she was dressed in "sexy clothes" on the night of the incident

Amran also said he was merely indulging himself and never touched the victim, to which the Magistrate sarcastically thanked him for keeping his "wild horse under control".

In mitigation, Amran Shah who was unrepresented, told the court that he was “stimulated” because he saw the victim’s thighs.

During the journey, he had asked Wardah Hanum to look at him when he started ”scratching his private part” while still wearing his pants without unzipping it. Amran Shah also uttered obscene words that scared the victim.

While handing down the sentence, Magistrate Ashraf Rezal Abdul Manan observed that Amran not only failed to show remorse but was also focused on blaming the victim for his own crime

Image via Wardah Hanum

"The court has taken into account your guilty plea, that you felt responsible and regretted the act, but in mitigation, you did not show much regret, but more of ignorance, like 'It's not my fault, but her fault'."

He was charged under Section 509 of the Penal Code, which carries a maximum jail term of five years, or fine, or both, if convicted.

Previously, Deputy Public Prosecutor Noor Jazilah Mohd Yushaa had urged the Court to impose a deterrent punishment on Amran as public safety was paramount

"There were many other vacant seats on the train, yet he chose to sit in front of the victim," Noor Jazilah said.

This, however, is not the first incident in LRT trains that caught the attention of the public. In July, a bank staff was also molested at the Masjid Jamek LRT station. The suspect, who was later arrested, had allegedly fondled her right breast.

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