Pet Dog In Melaka Bites Off A 7-Day-Old Baby's Hand

The newborn is now in critical condition.

Cover image via Kharunisah Lokman/Berita Harian & Petfinder

A newborn baby in Melaka was recently attacked by a dog, causing her to lose her right hand

The Star reported that the incident took place at a family home in Bachang around 10am on Tuesday, 8 September.

During the incident, the child was under the care of her aunt. Since the baby had developed jaundice, the woman decided to bring the newborn out to get some sunlight.

Melaka CID chief ACP Mohd Nor Yhazid Idris said, "The child was in her cradle placed near the front grille of the house."

He also added that the baby is the couple's first child.

The baby was left unsupervised for a brief moment while the aunt prepared a bath for her.

When the woman returned to the door, she was shocked to see that the baby was lying in a pool of blood.

According to Harian Metro, the woman saw that her husband's pet dog had bitten the child's hand off from outside of the grille.

The baby's crying followed by the aunt's scream alerted others in the house. At that time, the child's father was upstairs tending to his wife who was in confinement.

Meanwhile, ACP Mohd Nor noted that the dog that attacked the baby was a Plott hound, a large breed said to have been originally bred to hunt bears.

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The baby girl was rushed to a private hospital before being referred to Melaka Hospital and then transferred to Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

She is currently in critical condition.

"The unfortunate baby was placed in the red zone for emergency treatment before being rushed to Kuala Lumpur Hospital to see a specialist doctor. The baby is currently undergoing surgery," said ACP Mohd Nor, as reported by Harian Metro.

The Melaka City Council has captured the animal for further action.

The case is being investigated under Section 31(1)(a) Child Act 2001 for ill treatment and neglect.

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