Photo Of A Kulai Boy Who Died After Battling Cancer Is Being Misused By Scammers For Money

"No action has been taken and this unscrupulous party is still getting funds."


The death of a Kulai boy, who died in July last year after battling bone cancer, is being misused as a profiteering tool on social media

The boy, Muhamad Aqil, was diagnosed with cancer at age 12. He underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions before he passed away on 14 July 2017.

Following his death last year, late Aqil's photos were uploaded on Facebook by an account under the name of a Bahasa Malaysia tabloid newspaper. In the post, the page had asked people to make their donations to an account belonging to 'Azman'.

While the family reported the above incident to both the police and Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission (MCMC), disappointingly, no action was taken by the authorities as the account was still active, NST Online reported.

After the first incident, the family tried to move on. However, last week on Wednesday, 7 March, they found out that another Facebook account is misusing their late son's photos for money.

"Just as my family is trying to get over the death of my son, unscrupulous people are using his picture in fake Facebook accounts to dupe people and profit from his demise," Asmah Jamien, the late boy's mother, was quoted as saying by NST Online.

This time around, it's a fake Facebook account under the name of 'Berita Harian Online Malaysia' which is using late Aqil's photos.

"Last Wednesday, once again my child's photo was being uploaded... this time, members of the public are told to make donations into the account of a 'Mrs Nurul'.

Screenshot of the post with late Aqil's photo being misused for money.

Image via Berita Harian Online Malaysia

Late Aqil's mother says while she tried to approach the bank to get the accounts closed, she was told by the bank that the accounts could only be closed if the police were conducting an investigation

His father, Muhamad Zaki Mohd Nazam, expressed disappointment, saying that no action has been taken and "this unscrupulous party is still getting funds."

Meanwhile, Asmah has requested people to be wary

"I would like to state that my family has nothing to do with both accounts. My son is no longer with us, so we ask the people not to be duped by these false posts."

At the time of publishing this story, the fake Facebook post, with over 7K shares, misusing late Aqil's photos was still up

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