[PHOTOS] Burned Armpit Hair Causes Girl To Crash Her Car

In our weekly RANDOM WEDNESDAY column, we feature an absolutely random case of a group of teenagers who were involved in a car crash that was caused by setting the driver's armpit hair on fire.

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There are certain things in life that you simply don't do, regardless of the circumstance. One such thing is riding in a car and lighting the driver's armpit hair on fire. It's an absolute no-no.

But that’s exactly what happened last Sunday morning in southeast Boise, Idaho, and it ended with a crash. According to the Associated Press, a Ford Bronco, driven by 18-year-old Tristian Myers, flipped at high speed after a 16-year-old passenger lit Myers’ armpit hair on fire.

This photo provided by the Ada County, Idaho, Sheriff's Office shows a Ford Bronco after it crashed with five teenagers onboard, after one of the passengers lit the driver's armpit hair on fire

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All five of the teenage onboard the SUV received injuries during the accident, though luckily none are believed to be life threatening

Two of the passengers, ages 15 and 16, were thrown from the Ford, and Ada County Sheriff’s deputies have noted that it appeared none of the teens were wearing seat belts.

However, the poor Bronco doesn't look like it survived the ordeal

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The third-gen suffers from some severe alignment issues in the wake of the crash, a mangled headlight and grille, as well as a crumpled hood, roof and doors. Restoration impossible.

The sheriff’s department believes speed to be a contributing factor and has since cited Myers with inattentive driving and the 16-year-old passenger for interfering with the driver’s safety. A word to the wise – buckle up and don’t be stupid.

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