Photos Of Sabahan Man Marrying Two Women In A Single Ceremony Go Viral

The groom's father fainted after finding out that his son wanted to marry two wives in one night.

Cover image via Jimmy Jim/Facebook

Photos of a man marrying two women in a single ceremony have gone viral on Facebook

According to Berita Harian, the ceremony was held at Kampung Pukas, Semporna in Sabah last Friday, 27 September.

"Happy marriage! You broke the family record by marrying two wives at once. Congratulations to my cousin!" Facebook user Jimmy Jim wrote in the post, which has been shared over 6,600 times at the time of writing.

It is learned that the groom, named Amin, was already engaged to one of the women, before falling in love with the other while he was working at a resort on Pulau Mabul

Amin with his wives, Aini Said (left) and Lena Saleh (right).

Image via Asia One

The second woman, Aini Said, then asked Amin to marry her.

But at the same time, fiancée Lena Saleh, who resided in Kota Kinabalu, had also asked Amin to tie the knot with her, reported China Press.

In the end, Amin decided to marry both of them.

Both the brides' families had agreed to let their daughters marry Amin, according to Jim

"The marriage was agreed by the three families after getting the views from the village head, Tok Kadi, and the residents," he told mStar in an interview.

Image via China Press

Jim also related that Amin's father fainted when Amin broke the news that he was going to marry two women.

"My uncle (the groom's father) fainted for five minutes because of the shock of his son wanting to marry two women," Jim said.

"That's why I wrote on Facebook that he broke records of our family and the Suluk people in Sabah. Things like this are rare and unprecedented."

Jim revealed that Aini became the first wife to Amin while the fiancée became the second wife

Aini Said (left); Lena Saleh (right).

Image via Jimmy Jim/Facebook

Berita Harian reported that Amin's polygamous marriage, where two brides were married to the same man in a single ceremony, is believed to be the first case in Sabah.

Many netizens have congratulated Amin for marrying two women at the same time, while some questioned if the brides were truly happy

"Congratulations. May you stay happy until the end of life. Praise the god, Allah has set it up for you," a netizen wished the newlyweds.

Image via Facebook

"Fuhhh, steady lu bro. What your secret? Please share a bit with us," one netizen said in jest.

Another added, "Praise god, it's his luck."

Image via Facebook

"The groom is just smiling while the brides have sadness and anger in their eyes. In any case, keep the grace of god carefully. Worried that later in the afterlife, one shoulder is lower than the other from carrying sins," a netizen warned.

Image via Facebook

Despite many netizens noting that the brides did not look happy in the photos, Jim said that both of them actually do not have any enmity towards one another.

"Actually that is how Lena looks like, which seems a bit fierce. But she is okay and is willing to live together because she couldn't bear to live without my cousin," Jim explained.

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