2-Year-Old Dies After Grandmother Threw Her Out Of 6th Floor Apartment Window

The girl was found lifeless in a pool of blood outside of her family home.

Cover image via BBC & The Indian Express

A 50-year-old woman in Mumbai, India was recently arrested for throwing her granddaughter out of the window of a sixth-floor apartment

Image via India Today

India Today reported that on Sunday, 29 September, police apprehended Ruksana Obedulla Ansari for killing her granddaughter.

On Saturday, 28 September, the girl's parents found the body of the two-year-old in a pool of blood outside of their home.

Initially, they thought that the girl may have accidentally fallen out of the window.

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Image via BBC

According to The Indian Express, inconsistencies at the crime scene led the police to rule out the possibility that it was an accident.

Officers discovered that the front door and kitchen window from where the child had fallen were both shut.

Kurar Police Station senior inspector Balasaheb Salunkhe said, "The manner in which the girl's body was found also suggested that she was thrown out."

After 13 hours of questioning by the police, the grandmother finally confessed to the crime

On Saturday morning while everyone was asleep, the woman picked up the child, hurled her out of the window, closed it, and went back to bed.

Other family members have said that the woman was never fond of her granddaughter.

Astro Awani reported that she often had heated arguments with the child's mother and would be irritated when the girl played at her home.

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