Photos Of Sultan Nazrin And Family Using The Public Transport Show Their Humility

The Sultan of Perak's down-to-earth nature has won over Malaysians on social media.

It's rare for a royalty to be seen in public as a regular individual, who uses public transport among other things

However, it's not the case with Sultan Nazrin Shah of Perak, who is often spotted by the people using and accessing the public space with his family.

A couple of days ago, a photo showing Sultan Nazrin, who is currently serving as acting Agong following Sultan Muhammad V's abdication from the post of Yang di-Pertuan Agong, taking the Electric Train Service (ETS) along with his family went viral.

It prompted others to share their own encounters with the Sultan of Perak in public.

A Twitter user shared a photo of Sultan Nazrin searching for books in Kinokuniya KLCC

Image via fadzioriq/twitter

After the Twitter post went viral, a Facebook page then shared a bunch of photos showing Sultan Nazrin and Permaisuri taking the ETS to Ipoh with their children

In the caption of the post, the Facebook page wrote, "No showboating with fancy cars or private jets" Sultan Nazrin takes the ETS "sometimes with his children to show them life beyond the palace. Hopefully our next Agong."

Image via NRMG/FB

Image via NRMG/FB

On Facebook, others also posted photos showing the Sultan of Perak taking the MRT with his family in 2017:

While Sultan Nazrin's humility is evident by his use of the public transport, several photos posted by Malaysians who bumped into him at Kinokuniya KLCC at different times gives a rare insight into how much he loves to read:

Sultan Nazrin's love for books shouldn't be a surprise given the fact that he has his own library at his Palace

Others also shared how Sultan Nazrin is just like a "normal person which is how a king should be, a people’s people..."

Image via FB

A resident of Perak narrated his own encounter with Sultan Nazrin, who was queuing behind him at Kinokuniya:

"Just to share... I was in Kinokuniya sometime ago.. realised that Sultan Nazrin was at the back of me in a queue to pay," wrote the commentator from Perak.

He added that he offered the Sultan to go first, at which point, this is what the Sultan said, "No reason you should give up your queue for please go first."

Another commented that he saw the Sultan at Kanna Curry House "without his entourage of police escorts"

"Yes HRH is really humble. Saw him last week at Kanna Curry House without his entourage of police escorts. Just 2 cars with several bodyguards.

"At first, when I saw the car with royal emblem, and the few bodyguards, I thought must be some drivers stopping for lunch, as there were no police traffic escorts.

"Manatau saw HRH walking down from the restaurant, with just 4 bodyguards/drivers. This really surprised me as to how humble HRH was, not to create a hoohaa scene with huge escorts and a kampung of guards. Daulat Tuanku!," the person said.

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