[PHOTOS] Roofers In Hong Kong Climb To Support Malaysian's Gaza Campaign

The rooftop "Save Gaza Campaign" started by Malaysian photographer Keow Wee Loong and Fatin Ilani has now scaled greater heights, this time in Hong Kong.

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Two weeks ago, two Malaysian daredevils, Keow Wee Loong and Fatin Ilani received overwhelming attention from Malaysians over their attempt to promote the "Save Gaza Campaign" on top of a building in KL

The two risked their lives and climbed the facade of a building in KL with an important message to share with Malaysians. However, Fatin Ilani was criticised for doing this act.

On 11 August, The New York Daily News caught wind of the pair's endeavours

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A pair of daredevils risked their lives to protest against the recent conflict in Gaza – by climbing to the top of one of Malaysia's tallest structures.

Keow Wee Loong and Fatin Ilani scaled the 60-floor IB Tower building in Kuala Lumpur, taking a series dizzying images along the way.

According to the article, Keow said "I do this and it feels right because I have a message to promote."

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"I started actively roofing and photographing around a year ago. So far, I've climbed around 40 buildings, as I am not afraid of heights."

"When Fatin asked me if I could bring a "Save Gaza" poster with me on my next climb, I asked if she would like to join, and she said 'Yes.' I do this and it feels right because I have a message to promote," said Keow Wee Loong.

The message that Keow and Fatin Ilani were sending has also touched the hearts of roofers in Hong Kong. They scaled to the top of one of the tallest towers in Hong Kong in support of the campaign.

At the peak of the building, roofers Airin Tse and Daniel Lau were photographed holding a "Save Gaza" message similar to the one Fatin Ilani had carried

Based on photos uploaded on Instagram, Airin Tse and Daniel Lau appear to be active roofers in Hong Kong. See some of their amazing photos HERE:

In response to the criticism Fatin Ilani received from netizens, Airin Tse also used the opportunity to tell Fatin not to give up

Touched by Airin's message, Fatin thanked her for her support and encouragement

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What do you think of a campaign like this? Do you think it helps raise awareness?

Keow Wee Loong has climbed more than 40 buildings in his life and was arrested by the police on 14 July for climbing the 1Sentrum building in KL Sentral, FULL STORY: