[PHOTOS] Stranded Teacher Returns To JB After 90 Days To Find Her Home Covered In Mould

She was stranded in her hometown for three months due to the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO).

Cover image via Que Sera Sera/Facebook

After being trapped in her hometown for 90 days due to the Movement Control Order (MCO), a teacher was shocked to find her Johor Bahru house in a devastating state

In several Facebook posts, Sarah shared pictures of her walls and ceilings that were damp and cracked. The photos show mould forming under furniture and dead cockroaches were found in various corners of the house.

According to her, the pipes connecting to the water tank on her roof had burst, causing damage to the walls and ceilings. Sarah said the walls looked like they had "shingles".

Photos also show that her refrigerator seemed to have stopped working and dark mould had formed all over food packages and the refrigerator's door.

Sarah related that she went back to her hometown on 13 March when the school holiday began

She only brought three days' worth of clothes as she intended to stay for a short period.

But little did she know that the government would impose the MCO on 18 March, which banned interstate travel, leaving her stranded in her hometown for three months.

She, tongue-in-cheek, likened the condition of her house to a 'makeover'

"This is the 'makeover' that our house got in three months," Sarah wrote in her viral post with over 700 shares.

"I did not ask for this 'makeover', but I got it anyway. I am truthfully blessed."

She said stray kitties were found in the house too. The felines' discharge caused a pungent smell in the house, but she said that it was much more tolerable compared to the smell coming out from the refrigerator.

China Press reported that since she found the cats in her house, it left her with no choice but to continue sheltering them for the time being.

Some photos also show Sarah wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) while spring cleaning

"I wear PPE to protect myself from bacteria that we do not see (with our naked eyes) because the house was a mess," she told mStar.

"The most challenging part for me was cleaning the refrigerators. The smell is indescribable, only those who have experienced it before can know the feeling.

"Lucky for me, I have two refrigerators. That's a real bonus for me," Sarah, a mother of one, said in jest.

She said the odour in the refrigerators cannot be removed although they had been cleaned. While one of the freezers is working, she said she would only use it again once the foul smell is gone.

Sarah said the house was cleaned by her husband and her over a few days, adding that she will paint the walls after they are dried.

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