Netizens Call Out School For Making Students Eat On Floor While Teachers Dine Under Tents

The students were eating on the dirty floor with their shoes on while the teachers dined at decorated tables under tents.

Cover image via Mohd Fadli Salleh (Facebook)

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A Facebook post has gone viral after a user shared pictures of school students eating on the floor while teachers dine at decorated tables under tents

The user, Mohd Fadli Salleh, who is a teacher at a different school wrote that the situation is "improper" for many reasons.

He pointed out that even if the canteen floors were mopped clean, there would still be an issue as the students did not take their shoes off.

Many netizens agreed with him, saying that eating on the floor with the food close to their shoes is unhygienic.

The post goes on to say that there were VIPs seen passing out duit raya to the students while walking in between them near their packs of food.

The Facebook user then took a jab at the teachers and VIPs for dining in luxurious tents and decorated tables.

Although there were many commenters that agreed with the post, some also argued that parents were being "overprotective" of their children for finding an issue in the situation

"This issue is a question of ethics and manners. It should not be passed off as parents coddling their children," Mohd Fadli rebutted.

He suggested that instead of separating the students from the teachers and VIPs, they should instead provide equal treatment for everyone at the banquet.

You can read the original Facebook post here:

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