[PHOTOS] Thunderstorms Lead To Sunken Roads In Bangsar

Parts of the Jalan Maarof is closed until further notice.

Cover image via Fahmi Fadzil (Facebook) & Farid Yaacob (Facebook)

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Parts of the Jalan Maarof road at Bangsar has been damaged amidst heavy rain and thunderstorm on late Saturday night, 1 May

The heavy thunderstorm caused the road between Public Bank and Maybank to partially sunk.

Lembah Pantai Member of Parliament (MP) Fahmi Fadzil tweeted that the road was damaged at numerous points likely due to water overflow beneath the road surface because of the culvert wall collapse.

This SAYS writer was in the area when the road sunk and noticed that local authorities had cordoned off a couple of lanes for safety

Parts of the Jalan Maarof road is closed until further notice.

Motorists are advised to use alternative routes to access the area.

According to Fahmi, "major repair works will take place over the next few weeks if not months".

Fahmi also shared photos to show the extent of the damage

He added that the repair work should be done immediately by the local authorities.

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