A Thai Politician Was Caught Naked In Bed With Her Adopted Son Who Is A Monk

She has since been suspended from the political party.

Cover image via South China Morning Post & Daily Mail

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Recently, a businessman in Thailand exposed his wife, a prominent politician, in a shocking affair with their adopted son, a Buddhist monk

The husband, identified only as Ti, became suspicious of his wife, Prapaporn Choeiwadkoh, a 45-year-old member of Thailand's Democrat Party, reported the New Straits Times yesterday, 5 May.

He drove for over five hours from Bangkok to their home in Sukhothai and caught his wife and Phra Maha, their 24-year-old adopted son, naked together in their bedroom.

Mobile footage, seen by SAYS, shows Ti confronting a naked Prapaporn and Maha. As the mother and the adopted son scrambled to cover themselves up, Ti was heard asking, "Are you two very happy?"

Later, while speaking to the media, Prapaporn claimed that they did not "have sex then".

"Nothing happened, it's not what it looks like in the video. He [Maha] had some problems, so we were just talking together, and then we were going to shower," she claimed.

The couple were caught, red-handed, naked under the covers by the politician’s husband.

Image via South China Morning Post

Despite Prapaporn's denial, Ti remains unconvinced

He recounted growing concerns about his wife's behaviour, claiming that the monk seduced her.

According to Ti, he noticed her increased interaction with younger monks, including a specific incident where she entered a closed cabin and offered a questionable explanation about praying.

"I knocked for a long time, but nobody answered. When she came out, I was suspicious, but she said she had been praying with the monk. About this boy, I think that he tricked my wife and seduced her.

"When I found them together, I felt so betrayed. I had brought her gold and given her many gifts," he said.

The couple had adopted Maha last year from a temple after Prapaporn said she felt sorry for him.

Prapaporn's religious devotion allegedly led to her growing closeness with the young monk.

Following the scandal, Prapaporn has been suspended from the Democrat Party while an investigation is currently underway

The well-known politician is from Sukhothai, a province in central Thailand.

Before being suspended, she was serving as the president of a local chamber of commerce and has been a member of the Democrat Party since March last year, reported the South China Morning Post.

Meanwhile, Maha has reportedly left the monkhood and has since been on the run.

The scandal has become a social media sensation, with many users expressing disbelief at the situation's bizarre nature, stating that it would be considered ridiculous if it were scripted in a television drama.

"It sounds like pure fiction. The world of the wealthy is indeed fascinating and chaotic," read one comment.

"A 64-year-old husband, a 45-year-old wife, and a 24-year-old adopted son who is a monk? This is such a mess. It sounds more like keeping a boy toy rather than adoption. Even dramas don't dare to script this," remarked another.

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