TikToker Gets Called Out For Swimming In Shallow Wading Pool At Tokyo's teamLab Planets

This is why we cannot have nice things!

Cover image via @sandyinjapannn (TikTok)

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Japan has banned tourists from entering several locations in the country due to the trouble they've caused to locals

Since last month, tourists have been barred from entering certain alleys in the Gion district of Kyoto due to incidents where tourists engaged in harassing behaviour towards geishas in the area.

In the same month, local authorities announced plans to install a large barrier to obstruct the Instagram-worthy view of Mount Fuji behind a Lawson convenience store in Fujikawaguchiko.

In 2017, American YouTuber Jake Paul sparked controversy after uploading a video depicting a dead body in Aokigahara Forest.

Recently, another incident of tourists misusing the attractions in Japan came to light, this time involving a TikToker swimming in a wading pool at a museum in Tokyo

On 2 February, TikTok user @lilmidtok uploaded an 18-second video of himself swimming in a shallow pool of water at teamLab Planets Tokyo, a multi-sensory digital art museum.

Visitors must visit the museum barefoot, as there are many exhibition zones where they have to wade in shallow water to enjoy the full-body immersive art displays that combine, touch, sight, and sound.

The video shows the TikToker swimming in the art exhibit in front of other guests.

The man only stops after a visitor taps on his shoulder, indicating that he should stop the stunt.

Content creator @sandyinjapannn slammed the TikToker for his actions, calling him out for disrespecting Japanese customs known for their civility

"This is the type of gaijin [foreigner] who ruins it for everyone.

"Sure, it's not all gaijin but when there's one too many, and there's enough of them that makes it more trouble than it's worth, gaijin will eventually get banned from more things.

"I think it's inevitable at this point. Have some respect. This is not your backyard.

"Honestly, Japan should just start deporting people. It would be good riddance," said the content creator with 60,000 followers.

At the time of writing, Sandy's video has garnered over 255,000 views.

Check out her critique of disrespectful tourists here:

@sandyinjapannn Starting a petition to deport meiwaku gaijin after 1 strike #japantravel original sound - Sandy in Japannn

Japanese authorities plan to put up a 2.5m high and 20m long barrier to block the view of Mount Fuji at this popular spot in Fujikawaguchiko:

Kyoto has banned visitors from passing through some of their alleyways to combat overtourism

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