Japan Is Planning To Block That Popular Instagram Spot In Front Of Lawson & Mount Fuji

The resort town of Fujikawaguchiko has been disappointed by too many poorly behaved tourists.

Cover image via kelvin李/Japantouris (Facebook) & Instagram/Daily Mail

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A large barrier will be installed at a popular photo spot in Fujikawaguchiko by Japanese authorities to block Mount Fuji in response to numerous complaints about disrespectful tourists

Authorities plan to put up a mesh net up to 2.5m high and 20m long to obstruct the Instagram-worthy view behind a Lawson convenience store as early as next week.

"It's regrettable we have to do this, because of some tourists who can't respect rules, leaving litter behind and ignoring traffic regulations," a town official from Fujikawaguchiko told AFP.

Mount Fuji, Japan's tallest mountain, can be photographed from various spots in the resort town of Fujikawaguchiko

However, it's the unique viewpoint behind that modest Lawson storefront that has gained special attention on social media, with many Instagram influencers dubbing it "the world's prettiest convenience store".

"A reputation has spread on social media that this spot is very Japanese, making it a popular photo location," said the town official.

The official added that it is mostly non-Japanese tourists who are overcrowding the stretch of pavement next to the Lawson shop

Worst still, he said tourists sometimes park at the dental clinic across the road without permission, and some have even been seen climbing onto the clinic's roof to get the perfect shot.

After numerous traffic signs and repeated warnings from security guards were ignored, the town decided to install a large screen to block the view as a last resort.

The official said the town wishes it hadn't come down to this, adding that the current plan is to keep the screen in place until the situation improves.

This is the country's latest move in combating overtourism following the decision to ban visitors from accessing private alleys in Kyoto's geisha district earlier this year.

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