Netizens Can't Stop Making Jokes About Proposed Train Station Design That Looks Like A Pad

I do see the resemblance.

Cover image via Weibo & Karolina Grabowska / Pexels

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A bird's-eye view of a proposed train station in Nanjing, China, has amused netizens due to its striking resemblance to a winged sanitary pad

Nanjing City released photos of the station's proposed design and said that construction of the building is expected to commence in the first half of the year.

Authorities stated the design takes inspiration from plum blossoms, which are the city flower of Nanjing, according to the BBC.

Image via Weibo
Image via Weibo
Image via Weibo

However, it appears that netizens aren't entirely convinced by the station's source of inspiration, as debates and sarcastic comments swirl online about the building's design

Plum blossoms typically have five petals, which is likely why netizens are taking issue with the station's design.

Many even drew comparisons between the station's whitish-blue colour and curvaceous shape to a menstrual pad.

Plum blossoms in Nanjing.

Image via China Daily

Several netizens were furious about the design, with one describing it as "pornographic" and "vulgar".

"No matter what the reason is, engaging in vulgar pornography is either incompetent or immoral. The industry should hold these architects accountable for their designs and investigate those who approved them for construction," said a netizen.

Image via Weibo

One netizen wrote on Weibo, "Ever since I saw that design, I've held a bit of a grudge, not because of its shape, but because someone told me it looked like a plum blossom. I think that's a bit too much."

Image via Weibo

One netizen joked with a made-up tagline for the station, writing, "Nanjing North: Has a large carrying capacity, does not 'leak' passengers, for day use, night use with daily care."

Image via Weibo

On the other hand, some netizens who believe that the station's design does not carry any negative connotations, even if it does resemble a sanitary napkin

One netizen commented, "Sanitary napkins are also good. I refuse to be ashamed of menstruation."

Image via Weibo

Another netizen wrote, "A sanitary napkin is a sanitary napkin, and it has a good meaning: No matter how heavy the traffic is, there's no cause for concern. I think it suits the function of the train station very well."

Image via Weibo

Meanwhile, another netizen pointed out that citizens won't always have a bird's-eye view of the building anyway.

"We won't have any chance to look down at Nanjing Northern Railway Station from the sky. This bird's-eye view actually has nothing to do with us, because we will never see it after it is built.

"Besides, the renderings are typically different from the final product. The renderings don't contain the texture and impact of the actual building itself. I believe it will be a particularly beautiful building in the end," they said.

Image via Weibo

Regardless of the station's design, it hasn't stopped netizens from poking fun at it.

The jokes were steadily flowing in all over social media.

"It'll probably be better to say it's a four-leaf clover."

Image via Weibo

"With one glance, you can tell the station's breathable."

Image via Weibo

"Will wearing red make it difficult to leave the station?"

Image via Weibo

"You would have to throw the station away after less than a day's use."

Image via Weibo

Pictures of the design quickly circulated across the Internet, and there is a general consensus that the station resembles a sanitary napkin

Image via Instagram

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