Singaporean Man Seen Placing A Brick Under His Jaguar To Pump More Petrol In JB

Just 'kiasu' things!

Cover image via Oriantal Daily

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Recently, photos went viral showing a man refuelling his Singapore-registered Jaguar sedan at a petrol station in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Image via Oriental Daily

The reason the Singaporean man's photos went viral? A brick!

Yes, a brick that he used to raise his Jaguar, supposedly attempting to raise it to get more fuel.

He was seen placing the brick under the right rear wheel of the car before refuelling. The photos were later uploaded to a Facebook group, reported Sinchew Daily.

On Facebook, the photos prompted some commenters to say the act exemplified the driver's kiasu attitude

Many also ridiculed the man's behaviour, calling it cheap and embarrassing.

Others teased that on top of using the brick, the man should have "given CPR" to his Jaguar.

Image via Oriantal Daily

Singaporeans refuelling in JB is not a rare occurrence:

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