M'sians Amused With Family Of 4 "Giving CPR" To SG-Registered Car While Refuelling In JB

"Pump petrol until this extent. It's so embarrassing."

Cover image via 你想知道的秘密 Secret (Facebook)

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Singaporeans are at it again!

A family of four was recently spotted shaking their car while refuelling at a petrol station to get as much fuel as possible in Johor Bahru, Johor, much to the amusement of Malaysians.

In a two-minute video, a woman can be seen pumping fuel while three of her, presumably, family members, including an elderly woman, push their vehicle up and down vigorously.

They were spotted at a Caltex station in Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru, and, according to China Press, the family resides in Singapore because the car bore a Singaporean licence plate.

People who perform the act believe that they can fill their tank to 100% capacity by tilting or shaking the car as it refuels, and our friends down the Causeway are known for doing this for years.

Malaysians laughed and joked about the car shaking in the comments section, with some even calling the action "cardiopulmonary resuscitation" (CPR)

"Haha. Emergency procedure (to save) a car. CPR in progress," commented one Facebook user.

"Pump petrol until this extent. It's so embarrassing," scoffed another.

Using the chorus of a popular Chinese nursery rhyme, one user said, "Shake ya, shake! Shake until we arrive at grandma's place." 

Image via Facebook

The video has since been shared on multiple Facebook pages and received thousands of shares.

Watch the video here:

It seems like this is a common occurrence in Johor Bahru:

For the record, shaking and tilting your car to maximise your petrol tank can pose a great danger to you, your car, and everyone around you:

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