[VIDEO] M'sian Dad Sulks After Family Accidentally Leaves Him Behind At R&R

"A dad sulking is way worse than a child sulking, you know," laughed a netizen.

Cover image via @bukanbegitu415 (TikTok)

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A Malaysian father looked visibly upset after his family accidentally left him behind at a rest and recreational (R&R) stop at Tapah, Perak

TikTok user @bukanbegitu415 shared a 24-second video of the incident, showing her father walking angrily towards them after her family came back to get him.

In the caption, she wrote, "POV: Was in such a rush to get home that we left Dad behind at an R&R."

The video shows the man's children smiling and trying to appease him as he continues to scowl while walking towards their car.

"Always do a headcount before driving off," the TikTok user reminded others.

The video has gained over one million views, with netizens laughing at the all-too-probable scenario, especially while travelling with many family members during the Hari Raya holidays

"A dad sulking is way worse than a child sulking, you know," laughed a netizen.

Image via TikTok

"Your dad looks like he's about to cry. In his head, he must be wondering which old folk's home he should move to," joked a TikTok user.

Image via TikTok

Meanwhile, another said, "Let's hope he doesn't remove his children's names from his will."

Image via TikTok

The TikTok user told SAYS that her father was mostly surprised and not in a bad mood for long because it was an honest mistake.

Watch the viral TikTok video here:

We cannot believe all the other times these family members were left behind at rest stops too:

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