MAS And AirAsia Cancel Flights To & From Sabah, Sarawak After Volcanic Eruption

Indonesian authorities have issued a tsunami alert after eruptions at Mount Ruang sent ashes thousands of feet high.

Cover image via theSun , New Straits Times , Malay Mail

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Mount Ruang, a stratovolcano in Indonesia, erupted on Tuesday, 16 April and continued to erupt throughout yesterday, 17 April

The New Straits Times reported that the alert level for the volcano, which has a peak of 725m above sea level, has been raised from three to four, the highest possible level in the four-tiered system.

Indonesian authorities have also issued a tsunami alert after the eruptions sent ashes thousands of feet high, and ordered more than 11,000 people to evacuate the area, reported The Star.

In light of this, multiple flights to and from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Sabah and Sarawak have been cancelled

Malaysia Airlines has cancelled 19 flights, and AirAsia cancelled 16.

Malaysia Airlines said that the airline is working to accommodate passengers affected by the flight cancellations on alternative flights once the situation progressively improves.

Meanwhile, AirAsia urged its passengers to check their flight status on its official website.

It said in a statement that the airline had notified all affected guests.

The affected Malaysia Airlines flights are as follows:

To/from Sabah
- MH7420 (KUL-TWU)
- MH7421 (TWU-KUL)
- MH2612 (KUL-BKI)
- MH2621 (BKI-KUL)
- MH2710 (KUL-SDK)
- MH2711 (SDK-KUL)
- MH2610 (KUL-BKI)
- MH2611 (BKI-KUL)
- MH7404 (KUL-BKI)
- MH7405 (BKI-KUL)

To/from Sarawak
- MH2520 (KUL-KCH)
- MH2513 (KCH-KUL)
- MH2542 (KUL-KCH)
- MH2543 (KCH-KUL)
- MH2574 (KUL-MYY)
- MH2575 (MYY-KUL)
- MH2742 (KUL-BTU)
- MH2743 (BTU-KUL)

The affected AirAsia flights are as follows:

- AK5746 (KUL-TWU)
- AK5747 (TWU-KUL)
- AK9746 (KUL-TWU)
- AK9747 (TWU-KUL)
- AK5748 (KUL-TWU)
- AK5749 (TWU-KUL)
- AK5744 (KUL-TWU)
- AK5745 (TWU-KUL)
- AK6260 (BKI-TWU)
- AK6261 (TWU-BKI)
- AK6266 (BKI-TWU)
- AK6267 (TWU-BKI)
- AK6268 (BKI-TWU)
- AK6269 (TWU-BKI)
- AK6264 (BKI-TWU)
- AK6265 (TWU-BKI)

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